• Arboles de la vida

    Together for the rainforest

  • The indigenous community San Pablo, Tena in Ecuador is taking action for the rainforest!

  • Who we are

    We are Centro Amazanga, a holistic center that is thriving in the rainforest of Ecuador.
    With our team and the native Kichwa community of the San Pablo (Talag, Napo) we are committed to preserving nature, tradition and the ancient wisdom of the Amazon.

    To put this mission into practice we have several projects on site, some of them are still in the building process:

    -Our Ecolodge, where we offer conscious tourism to raise ecological and social awareness
    -Our seminar- and healthcenter where we practice and share the native medicine and tradition
    -a holistic school project to strenghten the next generation in their inherited gifts (in construction)
    -and our work with ARBOLES DE LA VIDA: the reforestation and protection of the rainforest


  • What we do

    Taking concrete action for the rainforest in front of our door


    We reforestate around 10'000 medicinal trees each year

    Centro Amazanga does not just have a social mission, but also a cosmic mission. In this sense we have the commitment of reforestation and rescue of 10’000 medicinal trees and plants a year. The amazon has recieved a huge abuse during the last 60 years and it is in our hands to work towards the destructive cicle and learn to cooperate with the natural world again.

    Rainforest protection

    Since projectstart in 2011 we have already taken 120 hectares rainforest under protection

    There are two main factores of rainforest destruction in this region of Ecuador; One are the mining companies that are looking for oil and gold, the other are companies and individuals that are cutting down timber to sell.

    Not only the trees are being cut and the earth is ripped open but due to this also the rivers and the earth are polluted. This is why we "unbuy" parts of the rainforest that are in danger and committ as a fundation to be guardians of this lands.

  • Update December 18

    Dear Friends of Arboles de la vida,
    the last one and a half year we have been crowdfunding
      to take a land of 3800 hectares virgin rainforest in San Pablo under protection.

    Many of you have supported us and we are deeply grateful to say that in the coming year
    this land will be declaired into a protected zone!!!

    With the help of you earthguardians and an extra support of a canadian fundation,
    we can now "unbuy" this jungle and prevent it from destruction.

    THANK YOU!!!
    This is such a great step and gives us a huge boost to continue with our work!

  • Together for our forests

    Protecting the rainforest also means preserving life for present and future generations. The Amazon jungle keeps ecological balance on our planet and our commitment now is more important than ever. The deforestation of the rainforest not only has devastating effects on the global ecosystem, but also on traditional knowledge from the Amazon. With the disappearance of numerous species, knowledge about medicinal plants and their application is lost forever, and the cultural identity of the local people loses stability, causing health and social problems.
    With ARBOLES DE LA VIDA we are working on this cycle directly at the ground level, and with your support, a next important step is possible.

  • Let's protect virgin rainforest!

    Thousands of hectares virign rainforest in this region of Talag (Province Napo) are under high risk due to ruthless mining for gold and oil and aswell the "hunt" for giant trees with prescious woods.

    Each hectar is home to more than 500 trees and countless plant and animal species.

    With your support we can protect these hectares and thus obtain and preserve the jungle in its original beauty.

    The land that we "unbuy" with our operative Foundation "Kausari" (which means WAKE-UP in Kichwa), will be guarded from the Amazanga Team and community members from San Pablo and declaired into " ‘Bosque Protector’ (Protected Forest) by the Ministry of Environment.

    Your donation:

    -With only 10$ we can protect 10m² precious virgin rainforest!

    -Protect 100m² and with it around 50 gianttrees and countless medicinalplants with a donation of 100$!

    -Donating 1000$ ensures the protection of one hectar green, fresh jungle-beauty!

    Whatever amount you can give:

  • To love the earth is to care for the forests and protect them.
    This is an opportunity to express our love and commitment to the earth and to take responsibility for our planet.
    Thank you for taking a stand with us!

  • About

    Our whole Centro Amazanga team and the Kichwa-Community San Pablo are taking action!


    Initiator and Projectmanager

    Centro Amazanga

    Since very young attracted by spiritual teachings, I spend over 20 years with different indiginous tribes in the amazon, learning and becoming aware of the incredible wisdom and healingpotential of the plants. To keep and precerve this knowledge the place Centro Amazanga has been created. Arboles de la vida is a further step through united action to protect flora and fauna and the prescious gifts hidden in this forests.






    President Fundation Kausari

    As an indigenous woman I was born in the jungle, just on the border of the Nationalpark Llanganates. Mother jungle gives us what we need to live a good life and we all have to be very careful, to not break this natural cycle of giving and taking. Cause the cycle is fragile and the risk to high. We all need to come together and dream a new dream for our future.



    Projectmanager Arboles de la vida, member Foundation Kausari

    In my vision we are the guardians of our planet, and as such we all bear responsibility for the earth together. On my travels around the world I have seen many images of the destruction and exploitation of nature, and when I first entered the rainforest in this region of Ecuador, I was so deeply touched by its beauty that I decided to take concrete and heartful action.

  • Contact

    Centro Amazanga
    San Pablo, Talag, Tena, Napo, Ecuador | www.centro-amazanga.com | info@centro-amazanga.com